Advanced Features
Classifying Regrouped Radios
The dispatcher can classify regrouped radios into either of two
categories: Select Enabled or Select Disabled.
Select-enabled radios are free to change to any available
channel, including the dynamic-regrouping channel, once the
user has selected the dynamic-regrouping position.
Select-disabled radios cannot change channels while
dynamically regrouped. The dispatcher has forced the radio
to remain on the dynamic-regrouping channel.
The Scan or Private Call feature cannot be selected while your
radio is Select Disabled.
Scan Lists
Scan lists are created and assigned to individual channels/
groups. Your radio scans for voice activity by cycling through the
channel/group sequence specified in the scan list for the current
Your radio supports different types of Scan Lists:
Trunking Priority Monitor Scan List
Conventional Scan List
Talkgroup Scan List
Please refer to a qualified radio technician for the maximum
number of Scan Lists can be programmed in your radio. These
lists must be preprogrammed by a qualified radio technician.
Viewing a Scan List
Turn the 16-Position Select knob to view the members on the
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