Advanced Features
Using the Dynamic Regrouping Feature (Trunking
This feature allows the dispatcher to temporarily reassign
selected radios to a particular channel where they can
communicate with each other. This feature is typically used
during special operations and is enabled by a qualified radio
You will not notice whether your radio has this feature enabled
until a dynamic regrouping command is sent by the dispatcher.
Note: If you try to access a zone or channel that has been
reserved by the dispatcher as a dynamically regrouped
mode for other users, an invalid tone sounds.
1When your radio is dynamically regrouped, it automatically
switches to the dynamically regrouped channel. A “gurgle”
tone sounds and the display shows the dynamically
regrouped channel’s name.
2Press the PTT button to talk. Release PTT button to listen.
When the dispatcher cancels dynamic regrouping, the radio
automatically returns to the zone and channel that you were
using before the radio was dynamically regrouped.
Requesting a Reprogram (Trunking Only)
This feature allows you to notify the dispatcher when you want a
new dynamic regrouping assignment.
1Press the preprogrammed Reprogram Request button to
send reprogram request to the dispatcher.
2The display alternates between RPGM and PLS WAIT.
3If you hear five beeps, the dispatcher has acknowledged the
reprogram request. The display shows ACK RCVD and the
radio returns to the Home screen.
If the dispatcher does not acknowledge the reprogram
request within six seconds, a low-pitched alert tone sounds
and the display shows NO ACK. The radio returns to the
Home screen.
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