General Radio Operation
Monitoring Features
Radio users who switch from analog to digital radios often
assume that the lack of static on a digital channel is an
indication that the radio is not working properly. This is not the
case. Digital technology quiets the transmission by removing
the “noise” from the signal and allowing only the clear voice or
data information to be heard.
Use the Monitor feature to make sure a channel is clear before
Monitoring a Channel
1Press the preprogrammed Monitor button.
2Press and hold the Volume Set button to hear the volume
set tone.
3Adjust the Volume Control knob if necessary.
4Release the Volume Set button.
5Press and hold the PTT button to transmit. The LED lights
up solid red.
6Release the PTT button to receive (listen).
The Carrier Squelch indicator appears on the display when you
monitor a channel via the preprogrammed Monitor button.
Conventional Mode Operation
Your radio may be preprogrammed to receive Private-Line®
(PL) calls.
1Momentarily press the Monitor button to listen for activity.
The Carrier Squelch indicator appears on the display.
2Press and hold the Monitor button to set continuous
monitor operation. The duration of the button press is
3Press the Monitor button again, or the PTT button, to return
to the original squelch setting.
If you try to transmit on a receive-only channel, you hear an
invalid tone until you release the PTT button.
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