General Radio Operation
Receiving and Responding to a Talkgroup Call
To receive a call from a group of users, your radio must be
configured as part of that talkgroup.
When you receive a talkgroup call (while on the Home screen),
depending on how your radio is preprogrammed:
1ASTRO Conventional Only:
The LED lights up solid yellow.
Trunking Only:
The display shows the caller alias or ID.
2Hold the radio vertically 1 to 2 inches (2.5 to 5.0 cm) from
your mouth.
3Press the PTT button to respond to the call. The LED lights
up solid red.
4Release the PTT button to listen.
See Making a Talkgroup Call on page 26 for details on making
a Talkgroup Call.
Receiving and Responding to a Private Call
(Trunking Only)
A Private Call is a call from an individual radio to another
individual radio.
These one-to-one calls between two radios are not heard by
others in the current talkgroup. The calling radio automatically
verifies that the receiving radio is active on the system and can
display the caller’s ID.
Note: The radio automatically exits the feature, if the feature
inactivity timer is enabled, when the radio is left idle
and the timer expires. You will hear the Inactive Exit
Tone upon feature exit.
When you receive a Private Call:
1You hear two alert tones and the LED blinks green. The
backlight of the screen turns green and the display shows
CALL RCV, alternating with the caller alias (name) or ID
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