General Radio Operation
Selecting a Radio Channel
A channel is a group of radio characteristics, such as transmit/
receive frequency pairs.
Use the following procedure to select a channel.
Note: Your radio must be preprogrammed to allow you to use
this feature. If you select a channel that is not within the
preprogrammed band, the radio indicates that it is on
an unsupported frequency with an audio warning.
1Turn the preprogrammed 16-Position Select knob to the
desired channel.
2Press the PTT button to transmit on the displayed zone
Receiving and Responding to a Radio Call
Once you have selected the required channel and/or zone, you
can proceed to receive and respond to calls.
The LED lights up solid red while the radio is transmitting.In
conventional mode, the LED lights up solid yellow when the
radio is receiving a transmission. In trunking mode, there is no
LED indication when the radio receives a transmission.
If the radio is receiving a secure transmission, the LED blinks
LED Indicator
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