Identifying Radio Controls
Repeater Access Button (RAB) (Conventional Only)
Allows to manually send a repeater access codeword.
Reprogram Request (Trunking Only) Notifies the dispatcher
you want a new dynamic regrouping assignment.
Request-To-Talk (Conventional Only) Notifies the
dispatcher you want to send a voice call.
Scan Toggles scan on or off.
Scan List Programming Selects the scan list for editing (by
long press on the Scan button).
Secure Transmission Select (Conventional and Trunking)
Toggles the Secure Transmission On or Off when the Secure/
Clear Strapping fields is set to “Select” for the radio’s current
channel, and when the radio is model/option capable.
Site Display/Search (Trunking Only) Displays the current
site ID and RSSI value; performs site search for AMSS
(Automatic Multiple Site Select) or SmartZone operation.
Site Lock/Unlock (Trunking Only) Locks onto a specific site.
Talkaround/Direct Toggles between using a repeater and
communicating directly with another radio.
Basic Zone Bank Provides access from up to 6 zones by
toggling between 2 banks of 3 zones, one group of 3 (A, B and
C) to a second group of 3 zones (D, E and F).
Enhanced Zone Bank Provide access from up to 75 zones
by toggling between 25 banks (A, B ... X or Y) of 3 zones.
Assignable Settings or Utility Functions
Controls Lock Locks or unlocks the programmable buttons,
switches and rotary knobs.
Light/Flip Press the button to toggle display backlight on or
off; press and hold the button to reverse the content of the top
TX Power Level Toggles transmit power level between high
and low.
Voice Announcement Audibly indicates the current feature
mode, Zone or Channel the user has just assigned.
Voice Mute Toggles voice mute on or off.
Volume Set Sets the volume set tone.
Accessing the Preprogrammed Functions
You can access various radio functions through a short or long
press of the relevant programmable buttons.
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