Identifying Radio Controls
Programmable Features
Any reference in this manual to controls that are
“preprogrammed” means that a qualified radio technician must
use the radio’s programming software to assign a feature to a
Your dealer can program the programmable buttons as
shortcuts to radio functions or preset channels/groups
depending on the duration of a button press:
Press Pressing and releasing rapidly.
Long press Pressing and holding for the preprogrammed
duration (between 0.25 seconds and 3.75 seconds).
Hold down Keeping the button pressed.
Assignable Radio Functions
Bluetooth On/Off Allows you to turn on/off the Bluetooth.
Bluetooth Audio Reroute Allows you to toggle the audio
route between radio speaker or Remote Speaker Microphone
and Bluetooth headset.
Bluetooth Headset PTT Keys up the Bluetooth Headset's
Bluetooth Clear All Pairing Allows you to clear all pairing
information for Bluetooth. This is accessed by a long press of
the Bluetooth On/Off Button.
Call Response Allows you to answer a private call.
Dynamic Priority (Conventional Only) Allows any channel
in a scan list (except for the Priority-One channel) to temporarily
replace the Priority-Two channel.
Emergency Depending on the programming, initiates or
cancels an emergency alarm or call.
Internet Protocol Displays the Internet Protocol (IP) address,
device name and status of the radio.
Man Down Clear Clears the alarm of Man Down mode which
was triggered when your radio achieves or passes a tilt angle
threshold or a combination of the angle threshold and a motion
sensitivity level.
Monitor (Conventional Only) Monitors a selected channel
for all radio traffic until function is disabled.
Nuisance Delete Temporarily removes an unwanted channel,
except for priority channels or the designated transmit channel,
from the scan list.
One Touch 1 – 4 Launches a specific feature with one single
button-press. You can setup as many as four separately
programmed buttons for four different features.
Private Line Defeat (Conventional Only) Overrides any
coded squelch (DPL or PL) that is preprogrammed to a channel.
Rekey Request Notifies the dispatcher you require a new
encryption key.
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