Preparing Your Radio for Use
Attaching the Accessory Connector
The accessory connector is located on the antenna side of the
radio. It is used to connect accessories to the radio.
Note: To prevent damage to the connector, shield it with the
connector cover when not in use.
Insert the hooked
end of the cover
into the slot above
the connector.
Press downward on
the cover’s top to
seat it in the slot.
Once in place, rotate
the thumbscrew
clockwise by hand
until tight.
To remove the accessory connector cover, rotate the
thumbscrew counterclockwise until it disengages from the radio.
If the thumbscrew is too tight, use an Allen wrench to loosen
it first.
Rotate and lift the connector cover to disengage it from
the radio.
Hooked End
Hex Socket
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