Preparing Your Radio for Use
Charging the Battery
The Motorola-approved battery shipped with your radio is
uncharged. Prior to using a new battery, charge it for a minimum
of 16 hours to ensure optimum capacity and performance.
For a list of Motorola-authorized batteries available for use
with your radio, see Accessories on page 67.
Note: When charging a battery attached to a radio, turn the
radio off to ensure a full charge.
Battery Charger
To charge the battery, place the battery, with or without the
radio, in a Motorola-approved charger. The charger’s LED
indicates the charging progress; see your charger’s user guide.
For a list of chargers, see Accessories on page 67.
Attaching the Battery
With the radio turned off, slide the battery into the radio’s frame
until side latches click into place.
To avoid a possible explosion:
DO NOT replace the battery in any area
labeled “hazardous atmosphere”.
DO NOT discard batteries in a fire.
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