radio transmits or receives voice, and stops
when the radio exits Emergency mode.
The Emergency Search tone can be
programmed by the dealer or system
2Wait for acknowledgment.
If successful:
The Emergency tone sounds.
The green LED blinks.
The display shows Alarm Sent.
If unsuccessful after all retries have been
A tone sounds.
The display shows Alarm Failed.
The radio exits the Emergency Alarm mode and
returns to the Home screen.
When configured for Emergency Alarm only,
the emergency process consists only of the
Emergency Alarm delivery. The emergency
ends when an acknowledgement is received
from the system, or when channel access
attempts have been exhausted.
No voice call is associated with the sending of
an Emergency Alarm when operating as
Emergency Alarm Only.
Sending Emergency Alarms with Call
This feature allows you to send an Emergency Alarm
with Call to a group of radios or a dispatcher. Upon
acknowledgement by the infrastructure within the
group, a group of radios can communicate over a
programmed Emergency channel. Follow the
procedure to send Emergency Alarms with call on
your radio.
The radio must be configured for Emergency Alarm
and Call to perform an emergency call after the alarm
1Press the programmed Emergency On button.
You see the following:
The display shows Tx Alarm and the destination
alias. The Emergency icon appears. The green
LED lights up.
If programmed, the Emergency Search
tone sounds. This tone is muted when the
Capacity Max Operations
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