The display shows the notification list listing a Call
Alert with the alias or ID of the calling radio.
Depending on the configuration by your dealer or
system administrator, you can respond to a Call
Alert by doing one of the following:
Press the PTT button and respond with a
Private Call directly to the caller.
Press the PTT button to continue normal
talkgroup communication.
The Call Alert is moved to the Missed Call
option at the Call Log menu. You can respond
to the caller from the Missed Called log.
See Notification List on page 123 and Call Log
Features on page 86 for more information.
Emergency Operation
An Emergency Alarm is used to indicate a critical
situation. You are able to initiate an Emergency at
any time even when there is activity on the current
In Capacity Max, the receiving radio can only support
a single Emergency Alarm at a time. If initiated, a
second Emergency Alarm will override the first alarm.
When an Emergency Alarm is received, the recipient
may choose to either delete the alarm and exit the
Alarm List, or respond to the Emergency Alarm by
pressing the PTT button and transmitting non-
emergency voice.
Your dealer or system administrator can set the
duration of a button press for the programmed
Emergency button, except for long press, which is
similar with all other buttons:
Short Press Duration between 0.05 seconds and
0.75 seconds.
Long Press Duration between 1.00 second and
3.75 seconds.
The Emergency button is assigned with the
Emergency On/Off feature. Check with your dealer for
the assigned operation of the Emergency button.
If short press the Emergency button is
assigned to turn on the Emergency mode,
then long press the Emergency button is
assigned to exit the Emergency mode.
Capacity Max Operations
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