Viewing Details from the Call List
Follow the procedure to view details on your radio
from the Call list.
1Press to access the menu.
2Press or to Call Log. Press to
3Press or to the required list. Press
to select.
4Press or to the required alias or ID.
Press to select.
5Press or to View Details. Press
to select.
The display shows the details.
Call Alert Operation
Call Alert paging enables you to alert a specific radio
user to call you back when they are able to do so.
This feature is applicable for subscriber aliases or IDs
only and is accessible through the menu via
Contacts, manual dial, or a programmed One Touch
Access button.
In Capacity Max, the Call Alert feature allows a radio
user or a dispatcher to send an alert to another radio
user requesting the radio user to call back the
initiating radio user when available. Voice
communication is not involved in this feature.
The Call Alert Operation can be configured by the
dealer or the system administrator in two ways:
The radio is configured to allow the user to press
the PTT button to respond directly to the call
initiator by making a Private Call.
The radio is configured to allow the user to press
the PTT button and continue with other Talkgroup
communication. Pressing the PTT button on the
call alert entry will not allow the user to respond to
the call initiator. The user must navigate to the
Missed Call Log option at the Call Log menu and
respond to the Call Alert from there.
An Off Air Call Set-Up (OACSU) private call allows
the user to respond immediately while an Full Off Air
Call Set-Up (FOACSU) private call requires user
Capacity Max Operations
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