If a number key is assigned to an entry in a
particular mode, this feature is not supported when
you long press the number key in another mode.
The screen automatically returns to the previous
Removing Associations Between Entries and
Programmable Number Keys
Follow the procedure to remove the associations
between entries and programmable number keys on
your radio.
1Do one of the following:
Long press the programmed number key to the
required alias or ID. Proceed to Step 4.
Press to access the menu.
2Press or to Contacts. Press to
3Press or to the required alias or ID.
Press to select.
4Press or to Program Key. Press
to select.
5Press or to Empty. Press to
The first text line shows Clear from all keys.
6Press or to Yes. Press to select.
When an entry is deleted, the association
between the entry and its programmed
number key(s) is removed.
A positive indicator tone sounds. The display
shows Contact Saved.
The screen automatically returns to the previous
Adding New Contacts
Follow the procedure to add new contacts on your
1Press to access the menu.
Capacity Max Operations
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