Stopping Remote Monitors
Follow the procedure to stop Remote Monitor on your
1Press the programmed Transmit Interrupt
Remote Dekey button.
The display shows a transitional mini notice,
indicating the request is in progress. The green
LED lights up.
2Wait for acknowledgment.
If successful:
A positive indicator tone sounds.
The display shows a positive mini notice.
If unsuccessful:
A negative indicator tone sounds.
The display shows a negative mini notice.
Contacts Settings
Contacts provides address book capabilities on your
radio. Each entry corresponds to an alias or ID that
you use to initiate a call. The entries are
alphabetically sorted.
Each entry, depending on context, associates with
the different call types: Group Call, Private Call,
Broadcast Call, Site All Call, Multi-site All Call, PC
Call or Dispatch Call.
PC Call and Dispatch Call are data-related. They are
only available with the applications. Refer to the data
applications documentation for further details.
Additionally, Contacts menu allows you to assign
each entry to a programmable number key or more
on a keypad microphone. If an entry is assigned to a
number key, your radio can perform a quick dial on
the entry.
You see a checkmark before each number key
that is assigned to an entry. If the checkmark
is before Empty, you have not assign a
number key to the entry.
Each entry within Contacts displays the following
Call Type
Call Alias
Call ID
Capacity Max Operations
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