The first line of the display shows the channel
alias and the second line shows New Home Ch.
Press to access the menu.
2Press or to Utilities. Press to
3Press or to Radio Settings. Press
to select.
4Press or to Home Channel. Press
to select.
5Press or to the desired new home
channel alias. Press to select.
The display shows beside the selected home
channel alias.
Remote Monitor
This feature is used to turn on the microphone of a
target radio with a subscriber alias or ID. You can use
this feature to remotely monitor any audible activity
surrounding the target radio.
Both your radio and the target radio must be
programmed to allow you to use this feature.
If initiated, the green LED blinks once on the target
radio. This feature automatically stops after a
programmed duration or when there is any user
operation on the target radio.
Initiating Remote Monitors
Follow the procedure to initiate Remote Monitor on
your radio.
1Press the programmed Remote Monitor button.
2Press or to the required alias or ID.
Press to select.
The display shows a transitional mini notice,
indicating the request is in progress. The green
LED lights up.
3Wait for acknowledgment.
If successful:
A positive indicator tone sounds.
The display shows a positive mini notice.
Capacity Max Operations
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