One of the following scenarios occurs.
If successful, the Indoor Location Available
icon disappears on the Home screen
If unsuccessful, the display shows Turning
Off Failed. If unsuccessful, you hear a
negative tone.
Accessing Indoor Location Beacons Information
Displays information on Indoor Location Beacons
1Press to access the menu.
2Press or to Bluetooth and press
to select.
3Press or to Indoor Location and
press to select.
4Press or to Beacons and press
to select.
The display shows the beacons information.
Multi-Site Controls
Starting Manual Site Search
Follow the procedure to start manual site search
when the received signal strength is poor in order to
attempt to find a site with better signal. .
If the radio finds a new site:
A positive indicator tone sounds.
If the radio fails to find a new site:
A negative indicator tone sounds.
Site Lock On/Off
When toggled on, the radio searches the current site
only. When toggled off, the radio searches other sites
in addition to the current site.
Press the programmed Site Lock button.
If the Site Lock function is toggled on:
You hear a positive indicator tone, indicating
the radio has locked to the current site.
The display shows Site Locked.
If the Site Lock function is toggled off:
Capacity Max Operations
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