Advanced Features
This chapter explains the operations of the features
available in your radio.
Your dealer or system administrator may have
customized your radio for your specific needs.
Check with your dealer or system
administrator for more information.
Call Queue
When there are no resources available to process a
call, Call Queue enables the call request to be placed
in the system queue for the next available resources.
You hear a Call Queue Tone after pressing the PTT
button indicating that the radio has entered Call
Queue State. The PTT button may be released once
the Call Queue Tone is heard.
If the call setup is successful, the following occur:
The green LED blinks.
If enabled, the Talk Permit Tone sounds.
The display shows the call type icon, ID or alias.
The radio user has up to 4 seconds to press the
PTT button to begin voice transmission.
If the call setup is unsuccessful, the following occur:
If enabled, the Reject Tone sounds.
The display shows the failure notice screen
The call is terminated and the radio exits the call
Talkgroup Scan
This feature allows your radio to monitor and join calls
for groups defined by a Digital Receive Group List.
The Digital Receive Group List is programmed by the
system administrator. When the radio detects a call in
progress on one of these talkgroups, the radio plays
the transmission. User can then push the PTT button
and reply to that Talkgroup.
Your radio is only allowed to join a Talkgroup scan
call at the site where another radio has already
registered with using that Talkgroup, at the desired
Check with your system administrator to
determine how your radio has been
Capacity Max Operations
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