If the entry for the One Touch Access button
is empty, a negative indicator tone sounds.
The DTMF Tone sounds and the display shows
Ending Phone Call.
If the call ends successfully:
A tone sounds.
The display shows Call Ended.
If the call fails to end, the radio returns to the
Phone Call screen. Repeat Step 11 and Step 12,
or wait for the telephone user to end the call.
When you press PTT button while in the
Phone Contacts screen, a tone sounds and
the display shows Press OK to Place
Phone Call.
When the telephone user ends the call, a
tone sounds and the display shows Call
If the call ends while you are entering the
extra digits requested by the Phone Call,
your radio returns to the screen you were
on before initiating the call.
During the channel access, press to
dismiss the call attempt and a tone sounds.
During the call, when you press One
Touch Access button with the deaccess
code preconfigured or enter the deaccess
code as the input for extra digits, your radio
attempts to end the call.
During channel access and access/
deaccess code or extra digits transmission,
you radio responds to On/Off button,
Volume Knob, and Channel Rocker only.
A tone sounds for every invalid input.
Dual Tone Multi Frequency
The Dual Tone Multi Frequency (DTMF) feature
allows the radio to operate in a radio system with an
interface to the telephone systems.
You can turn off the DTMF tone by disabling all radio
tones and alerts. See Turning Radio Tones/Alerts On
or Off on page 131 for more information.
Capacity Max Operations
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