The first text line shows the caller alias ID.
The second text line displays either All Call,
Site All Call, or Multi Site Call
depending on the type of configuration.
Your radio unmutes and the incoming call sounds
through the speaker.
The radio returns to the screen before receiving the
All Call when the call ends.
If the Channel Free Indication feature is enabled, you
hear a short alert tone when the transmitting radio
releases the PTT button, indicating the channel is
free for you to use. You cannot respond to an All Call.
The radio stops receiving the All Call if you
switch to a different channel while receiving
the call. You are not able to continue with any
menu navigation or editing until the call ends
during an All Call.
Phone Calls
A Phone Call is a call from an individual radio to a
In Capacity Max, your radio is able to receive calls
and talkback even if the Phone Call capability is
The Phone Call capability can be enabled by
assigning and setting up phone numbers on the
system. Check with your system administrator to
determine how your radio has been programmed.
Making Phone Calls
Follow the procedure to make Phone Calls on your
1Press the programmed One Touch Access
button to the predefined alias or ID.
If the entry for the One Touch Access button is
empty, a negative indicator tone sounds. If the
access code is not preconfigured in the Contact
List, the display shows Access Code:.
2Enter the access code, and press to
The access or deaccess code cannot be more
than 10 characters.
3Press the PTT button to respond to the call.
Capacity Max Operations
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