Air Call Set-Up (FOACSU), responding to
Private Calls may or may not require user
For the OACSU configuration, your radio
unmutes and the call connects automatically.
The following are methods on how to respond to
Private Calls configured as FOACSU.
To decline a Private Call, do one of the following:
Press or to Reject and press
to decline a Private Call.
Press to decline a Private Call.
To accept a Private Call, do one of the following:
Press or to Accept and press
to answer a Private Call.
Press the PTT button on any entry.
The green LED lights up.
Wait for the Talk Permit Tone to end and speak
clearly into the microphone if enabled.
Release the PTT button to listen.
The call ends when there is no voice activity for a
predetermined period. A tone sounds.The display
shows Call Ended.
Both the call initiator and recipient are able
to terminate an on-going Private Call by
pressing .
All Calls
An All Call is a call from an individual radio to every
radio on the site or every radio at a group of sites,
depending on system configuration. An All Call is
used to make important announcements, requiring full
attention from the user. The users on the system
cannot respond to an All Call.
Capacity Max supports Site All Call and Multi-site All
Call. The system administrator may configure one or
both of these in your radio.
Subscribers can support System-Wide All
Calls but Motorola infrastructure does not
support System-Wide All Calls.
Capacity Max Operations
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