2Press or to Contacts. Press to
3Press or to Manual Dial. Press
to select.
4Press or to Radio Number. Press
to select.
5Do one of the following:
Enter the subscriber ID, and press to
Edit the previously dialed subscriber ID, and
press to proceed.
6Press the PTT button to make the call.
The green LED lights up. The display shows the
destination alias.
7Wait for the Talk Permit Tone to end and speak
clearly into the microphone if enabled.
8Release the PTT button to listen.
The green LED lights up when the target radio
responds. The display shows the transmitting user
alias or ID.
9If the Channel Free Indication feature is enabled,
you hear a short alert tone the moment the
transmitting radio releases the PTT button,
indicating the channel is free for you to respond.
Press the PTT button to respond to the call.
The call ends when there is no voice activity for a
predetermined period. A tone sounds. The display
shows Call Ended.
Both the call initiator and recipient are able to
terminate an on-going Private Call by pressing
Responding to Private Calls
When you receive a Private Call:
The green LED blinks.
Your radio unmutes and the incoming call sounds
through the speaker.
Depending on how your radio is configured,
either Off Air Call Set-Up (OACSU) or Full Off
Capacity Max Operations
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