Receiving Broadcast Calls
Follow the procedure to receive a Broadcast Call on
your radio.
When you receive a Broadcast Call:
The green LED blinks.
The display shows the Group Call icon at the top
right corner.
The first text line shows the caller alias.
The second text line displays the group call alias.
Your radio unmutes and the incoming call sounds
through the speaker.
Recipient users are not allowed to Talkback
during a Broadcast Call. The display shows
Talkback Prohibit. The Talkback Prohibit
Tone will sound momentarily if the PTT button
is pressed during a Broadcast Call.
Private Call
A Private Call is a call from an individual radio to
another individual radio.
There are two ways to set up a Private Call.
The first call type is called Off Air Call Set-Up
(OACSU). OACSU sets up the call after
performing a radio presence check and completes
the call automatically.
The second type is called Full Off Air Call Set-Up
(FOACSU). FOACSU also sets up the call after
performing a radio presence check. However,
FOACSU calls require user acknowledgement to
complete the call and allows the user to either
Accept or Decline the call.
The type of call is configured by the system
Both the call initiator and recipient are able to
terminate an on-going Private Call by pressing
Making Private Calls
Your radio must be programmed for you to initiate a
Private Call. You hear a negative indicator tone when
you initiate the call if this feature is not enabled.If the
target radio is not available, you hear a short tone
and see Party Not Available on the display.
Follow the procedure to make Private Calls on your
1Do one of the following:
Capacity Max Operations
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