The call initiator can press to end the Group
During the channel access, press to
dismiss the call attempt and a tone sounds
button or to exit alias search. Press
button or to exit alias search. During the
call, when you press One Touch Access
button with the deaccess code preconfigured
or enter the deaccess code as the input for
extra digits, your radio attempts to end the
call. During channel access and access/
deaccess code or extra digits transmission,
you radio responds to On/Off button, Volume
Knob, and Channel Rocker only. A tone
sounds for every invalid input.
Responding to Group Calls
Follow the procedure to respond to Group Calls on
your radio.
When you receive a Group Call:
The green LED blinks.
The display shows the Group Call icon at the top
right corner.
The first text line shows the caller alias.
The second text line displays the group call alias.
Your radio unmutes and the incoming call sounds
through the speaker.
1Do one of the following:
If the Channel Free Indication feature is
enabled, you hear a short alert tone the
moment the transmitting radio releases the
PTT button, indicating the channel is free for
you to respond. Press the PTT button to
respond to the call.
If the Voice Interrupt feature is enabled, press
the PTT button to interrupt the audio from the
transmitting radio and free the channel for you
to respond.
The green LED lights up.
2Do one of the following:
Wait for the Talk Permit Tone to end and speak
clearly into the microphone if enabled.
Capacity Max Operations
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