Low Profile Trunnion – Bag (RLN6469_)
Remote Mount Transceiver Interface
Remote Mount Control Head Interface
13-Watt External Speaker (RSN4002_)
7.5-Watt External Speaker (RSN4003_)
5-Watt External Speaker (RSN4004_)
Miscellaneous Accessories
PL259/Mini-U Antenna Adapter, 8-foot (2.4-metre)
Cable (HKN9557_)
Microphone Hang Up Clip (All Microphones)
Universal Microphone Hang Up Clip (All
Microphones) (HLN9414_)
Push Button PTT (RLN5926_)
Emergency Footswitch (RLN5929_)
IMPRES Mobile MMP Non-PC Adapter
IMPRES Mobile MAP Non-PC Adapter
Surge Protector, Tower Mount Kit (DQT1)
Surge Protector, Coax Protector Bulkhead
Generic Option Board (PMLN5718_S)
Operations Critical Wireless 1-Wire Surveillance
Kit with translucent tube (PMLN7052_) [12]
12 Your radio is compatible with the accessories listed here. Contact your dealer for details.
Authorized Accessories List
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