UHF, 403 – 527 MHz, 2.0 dB Gain, Through-Hole
Mount (HAE6029_)
UHF, 470 – 494 MHz, 3.0 dB Gain, Through-Hole
Mount (HAE6028_)
UHF, 494 – 512 MHz, 3.0 dB Gain, Through-Hole
Mount (HAE6027_)
Telephone Style Handset (HMN4098_)
Desktop Microphone (RMN5050_)
Compact Microphone (RMN5052_)
IMPRES 4-Way Navigation Keypad Microphone
Heavy Duty Microphone with Enhanced Audio
Visor Microphone with Enhanced Audio
Operations Critical Wireless Earpiece, 12” Cable
Operations Critical Wireless Push-to-Talk POD
Non-Secure Wireless Headset & Push-to-Talk
Device with Push-to-Talk Audio, 12-Inch Cable
Bluetooth Accessory Kit, SP, 9.5” Cable
Operations Critical Wireless Earpiece, 9.5” Cable
Wireless Covert Kit, includes two sets of 2-Wire
Earbuds (1 Black and 1 White), 1-Wire Earbud
(Black), and a 3.5 mm Adapter to plug into any off-
the-shelf headphones (NNTN8296_) [11]
Wireless Neckloop Y-adapter and retention hook
for Completely Discreet Kit (NNTN8385_) [11]
HK200 Bluetooth Headset (89409N)
Compact Microphone Replacement Cable
Heavy Duty/Keypad Microphone Replacement
Cable (3075336B10)
Completely Discreet Earpiece Kit (RLN4922_) [11]
XBT Behind-the-Neck, Non-Secure Wireless
Heavy Duty Headset (RLN6490_)
XBT Overhead, Non-Secure Wireless Heavy Duty
Headset (RLN6491_)
MOTOTRBO Bluetooth Accessory Kit with NA
Power Supply (RLN6500_)
Swivel Earpiece with In-Line Microphone for
Bluetooth Accessory Kit Pod, Pack of 3
(RLN6550_) [11]
Authorized Accessories List
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