Flexible Receive List
Flexible Receive List is a feature that allows you to
create and assign members on the receive talkgroup
list. Your radio can support a maximum of 16
members in the list. This feature is supported in
Capacity Plus.
Turning Flexible Receive List On or Off
Follow the procedure to turn Flexible Receive List on
or off.
1Do one of the following:
Press the programmed Flexible Receive List
button. Skip the following steps.
Press to access the menu.
2Press or to Flexible Rx List.
Press to select.
3Do one of the following:
Press or to Turn On. Press
to select.
A positive indicator tone sounds.
The display shows a positive mini notice.
Press or to Turn Off. Press
to select.
A negative indicator tone sounds.
The display shows a negative mini notice.
General Radio Information
Your radio contains information on various general
The general information of your radio are as follows.
Radio alias and ID.
Firmware and Codeplug versions.
Software update.
GPS information.
Site information.
You return to the previous screen when you
press , and to the Home screen when
you long press , at any time. The radio
exits the current screen once the inactivity
timer expires.
Other Systems
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