Turning Voice Operating Transmission On or Off
Follow the procedure to turn Voice Operating
Transmission (VOX) on or off on your radio.
1Do one of the following:
Press the programmed VOX button. Skip the
steps below.
Press to access the menu.
2Press or to Utilities. Press to
3Press or to Radio Settings. Press
to select.
4Press or to VOX. Press to select.
5Press to enable or disable VOX.
Turning Voice Announcement On or Off
This feature enables the radio to audibly indicate the
current zone or channel the user has just assigned, or
the programmable button the user has just pressed.
This is typically useful when the user has difficulty
reading the content shown on the display. This audio
indicator can be customized according to customer
Turning Option Board On or Off
Option board capabilities within each channel can be
assigned to programmable buttons. A channel can
support up to 6 option board features. Follow the
procedure to turn option board on or off on your radio.
Press the programmed Option Board button.
The Text-to-Speech feature can only be enabled by
your dealer or system administrator. If Text-to-Speech
is enabled, the Voice Announcement feature is
automatically disabled. If Voice Announcement is
enabled, then the Text-to-Speech feature is
automatically disabled.
This feature enables the radio to audibly indicate the
following features:
Current Channel
Current Zone
Programmed button feature on or off
Content of received text messages
Other Systems
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