Identifying Cable Type
Do the following steps to select the type of cable your
radio uses.
1Press to access the menu.
2Press or to Utilities. Press to
3Press or to Radio Settings. Press
to select.
4Press or to Cable Type. Press
to select.
5The current cable type is indicated by a .
Voice Operating Transmission
The Voice Operating Transmission (VOX) allows you
to initiate a hands-free voice-activated call on a
programmed channel. The radio automatically
transmits, for a programmed period, whenever the
microphone on the VOX-capable accessory detects
This feature is not applicable in Citizens Band
channels that are in the same frequency.
You can enable or disable VOX by doing one of the
Press the PTT button during radio operation to
disable VOX.
Turn the radio off and then power it on again to
enable VOX.
Change the channel via the Scroll Up/Down
buttons to enable VOX.
Change the channel via the Volume/Channel
Knobto enable VOX.
Turn VOX on or off via the programmed VOX
button or menu to enable or disable VOX.
If the Talk Permit Tone is enabled, use a trigger word
to initiate the call. Wait for the Talk Permit Tone to
finish before speaking clearly into the microphone.
See for more information.
Turning this feature on or off is limited to
radios with this function enabled. Check with
your dealer or system administrator for more
Other Systems
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