3Enter the first character of the required alias.
The display shows a blinking cursor.
4Enter the rest of the characters of the required
The alias search is case-insensitive. If there are
two or more entries with the same name, the
display shows the entry listed first in the list.
The first text line shows the characters you
entered. The following text lines show the
shortlisted search results.
5Press to select.
The display shows <Zone> Selected
momentarily and returns to the selected zone
Selecting a Call Type
Use the Channel Selector Knob to select a call type.
This can be a Group Call, Broadcast Call, All Call, or
Private Call, depending on how your radio is
programmed. If you change the Channel Selector
Knob to a different position (that has a call type
assigned to it), this causes the radio to re-register
with the Capacity Max System. The radio registers
with the Talkgroup ID that has been programmed for
the new Channel Selector Knob position call type.
Your radio does not operate when selected to an
unprogrammed channel, use the Channel Selector
Knob to select a programmed channel instead.
Once the required zone is displayed (if you have
multiple zones in your radio), turn the programmed
Channel Selector Knob to select the call type.
Selecting a Site
A site provides coverage for a specific area. In a
multi-site network, the Capacity Max radio will
automatically search for a new site when the signal
level from the current site drops to an unacceptable
Roam Request
A Roam Request tells the radio to search for a
different site, even if the signal from the current site is
If there are no sites available,
The radio display shows Searching and
continues to search through the list of sites.
Capacity Max Operations
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