Selecting Third-Party Peripherals Connection Modes
Follow the procedure to select one of the following
third-party peripherals connection modes:
• Motorola
PC and Audio
Data Accessory
• Telemetry
• Generic
1Press to access the menu.
2Press or to Utilities.Press to
3Press or to Radio Settings.Press
to select.
4Press or to Cable Type. Press
to select.
5Press or to the required connection
mode. Press to select.
The display shows the selected connection mode.
The screen returns to the previous menu.
Received Signal Strength Indicator
This feature allows you to view the Received Signal
Strength Indicator (RSSI) values.
The display shows the RSSI icon at the top right
corner. See Display Icons on page 256 for more
information on the RSSI icon.
Viewing RSSI Values
Follow the procedure to view RSSI values on your
When you are at the Home screen:
Long press to return to the Home screen.
Password Lock Features
This feature allows you to restrict access to the radio
by asking for a password when the device is turned
You can use a keypad microphone or Scroll Up/
Down buttons to enter the password.
Other Systems
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