Site Lock On/Off
When toggled on, the radio searches the current site
only. When toggled off, the radio searches other sites
in addition to the current site.
Press the programmed Site Lock button.
If the Site Lock function is toggled on:
You hear a positive indicator tone, indicating
the radio has locked to the current site.
The display shows Site Locked.
If the Site Lock function is toggled off:
You hear a negative indicator tone, indicating
the radio is unlocked.
The display shows Site Unlocked.
Accessing Neighbor Sites List
This feature allows the user to check the adjacent
sites list of the current home site. Follow the
procedure to access the Neighbor Sites List:
1Press to access the menu.
2Press or to Utilities.Press to
3Press or to Radio Info. Press
to select.
4Press or to Neighbor Sites. Press
to select.
This feature allows you to enable or disable any radio
in the system. For example, you may want to disable
a stolen radio to prevent unauthorized users from
using it, and enable the radio when it is recovered.
You can enable or disable a radio by using one of
these features:
Programmable Button
Contacts List
Manual Dial (via Contacts)
Other Systems
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