There are a number of registration-related messages
that the radio user may receive.
Typically, registration is sent to the system during
power up, Talkgroup change, or during site roaming.
If a radio fails registration on a site, the radio
automatically attempts to roam to another site. The
radio temporarily removes the site where registration
was attempted from the roaming list.
The indication means that the radio is busy searching
for a site to roam, or that the radio has found a site
successfully but is waiting for a response to the
registration messages from the radio.
When Registering is displayed on the radio, a tone
sounds and the yellow LED double flashes to indicate
a site search.
If the indications persist, the user should change
locations or if allowed, manually roam to another site.
Out of Range
A radio is deemed to be out of range when the radio
is unable to detect a signal from the system or from
the current site. Typically, this indication means that
the radio is outside of the geographic outbound radio
frequency (RF) coverage range.
When Out of Range is displayed on the radio, a
repetitive tone sounds and the red LED flashes.
Contact your dealer or system administrator if the
radio still receives out of range indications while being
in an area with good RF coverage.
Talkgroup Affiliation Failed
A radio tries to affiliate to the Talkgroup specified in
the channels or Unified Knob Position (UKP) during
A radio that is in affiliation fail state is unable to make
or receive calls from the Talkgroup that the radio is
trying to affiliate to.
When a radio fails to affiliate with a Talkgroup, UKP
Alias is displayed in the home screen with a
highlighted background.
Contact your dealer or system administrator if the
radio receives affiliation failure indications.
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