My Words
Your radio supports the following text entry methods:
• Numbers
• Symbols
Predictive or Multi-Tap
Language (If programmed)
Press at any time to return to the
previous screen or long press to return
to the Home Screen. The radio exits the
current screen once the inactivity timer
Enabling or Disabling Word Correct
The in-built dictionary cannot recognize the supplies
alternative word choice when the word entered into
the text editor.
1Press to access the menu.
2Press or to Utilities. Press to
3Press or to Radio Settings. Press
to select.
4Press or to Text Entry. Press
to select.
5Press or to Word Correct. Press
to select.
6Do one of the following:
Press or to Word Correct. Press
to select.
Press to enable Word Correct. If enabled
appears besides Enabled.
Press to disable Word Correct. If disabled,
disappears beside Enabled.
Enabling or Disabling Word Predict
Word Predict: Your radio can learn common word
sequences that you often enter. It then predicts the
next word you may want to use after you enter the
Other Systems
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