Saved Text Messages
You can save a text message to send it at a later
If a PTT button press or a mode change causes the
radio to exit the text message writing/editing screen
while you are in the process of writing or editing a text
message, your current text message is automatically
saved to the Drafts folder.
The most recent saved text message is always added
to the top of the Drafts list.
The Drafts folder stores a maximum of ten (10) last
saved messages. When the folder is full, the next
saved text message automatically replaces the oldest
text message in the folder.
Viewing Saved Text Messages
Follow the procedure to view saved text message on
your radio.
1Do one of the following:
Press the programmed Text Message button.
Proceed to Step 3.
Press to access the menu.
2Press or to Messages. Press to
3Press or to Drafts. Press to
4Press or to the required message.
Press to select.
Editing Saved Text Messages
Follow the procedure to edit saved text message on
your radio.
1Press while viewing the message.
2Press or to Edit. Press to
A blinking cursor appears.
3Use the keypad to type your message.
Press to move one space to the left.
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