Press to delete any unwanted characters.
Long press to change text entry method.
5Press once message is composed.
Do one of the following:
Press to send the message.
Press . Press or to choose
among editing, deleting, or saving the
message. Press to select.
Sending Text Messages
Follow the procedure to send text message on your
It is assumed that you have a newly written text
message or a saved text message.
Select the message recipient. Do one of the
Press or to the required alias or ID.
Press to select.
Press or to Manual Dial. Press
to select.Key in the subscriber ID. The
first line of the display shows Radio Number:.
The second line of the display shows a blinking
cursor. Key in the subscriber alias or ID. Press
The display shows transitional mini notice,
confirming your message is being sent.
If successful:
A tone sounds.
The display shows positive mini notice.
If unsuccessful:
A low tone sounds.
The display shows negative mini notice.
The message is moved to the Sent Items
The message is marked with a Send Failed
For a newly written text message, the radio
returns you to the Resend option screen.
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