Text Messaging Features
Your radio is able to receive data, for example a text
message, from another radio or an e-mail application.
The maximum length of characters when you send
and receive a text message is 280 characters which
includes the subject line. You see the subject line
when you receive messages from e-mail applications.
The maximum length of 280 characters is
applicable only for models with the latest
software and hardware. On older hardware,
the text message will be truncated to the
maximum length of 140 characters. Check
with your dealer or system administrator for
more information.
The Inbox is capable of storing a maximum of 30
The radio exits the current screen once the inactivity
timer expires. Text messages in the typing screen are
automatically saved to the Drafts folder.
If you long press at any time, you return to the
Home screen.
If the channel type is not a match, you can
only edit, forward, or delete Sent text
messages; forward, delete, or delete all
Received text messages; and edit or forward
Fail-to-Send text messages.
Text Messages
The text messages are stored in an Inbox, and sorted
according to the most recently received.
Viewing Text Messages
Follow the procedure to view text messages on your
1Press to access the menu.
2Press or to Messages. Press to
3Press or to Inbox. Press to
If the Inbox is empty:
The display shows List Empty.
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