Change the channel while the radio is in
Emergency mode.
The radio exits the Emergency mode, and
reinitiates Emergency, if Emergency Alarm is
enabled on the new channel.
Press the programmed Emergency On button
during an Emergency initiation or transmission
The radio exits this state, and reinitiates
Exiting Emergency Mode After Sending the
Emergency Alarm
This feature is only applicable to the radio sending
the Emergency Alarm.
Your radio exits Emergency mode when:
An acknowledgment is received (for Emergency
Alarm only).
All retries to send the alarm have been exhausted.
Your radio is turned off.
Your radio does not reinitiate the
Emergency mode automatically when it is
powered up again.
Follow the procedure to exit Emergency mode on
your radio.
Do one of the following:
Press the programmed Emergency Off button.
Change the channel to a new channel that has
no emergency system configured.
The display shows No Emergency.
Deleting an Alarm Item from the Alarm List
Follow the procedure to delete the alarm items from
the Alarm List, to exit Emergency mode.
1Press to access the menu.
2Press or to Alarm List. Press
to select.
3Press or to the required alarm item.
Press to select.
4Press or to Delete. Press to
Other Systems
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