If you press the PTT button during the programmed
receiving period, you hear a prohibit tone, indicating
that you should release the PTT button. The radio
ignores the PTT button press and remains in
Emergency mode.
If you press the PTT button during hot mic, and
continue to press it after the hot mic duration expires,
the radio continues to transmit until you release the
PTT button.
If the Emergency Alarm request fails, the radio does
not retry to send the request, and enters the hot mic
state directly.
Some accessories may not support hot mic.
Check with your dealer or system
administrator for more information.
Follow the procedure to send Emergency Alarms with
voice to follow on your radio.
1Press the programmed Emergency On button or
the Emergency footswitch.
You see one of these results:
The display shows Tx Alarm and the
destination alias.
The display shows Tx Telegram and the
destination alias.
The green LED lights up. The Emergency icon
2Once the display shows Alarm Sent, speak
clearly into the microphone.
The radio automatically stops transmitting when:
The cycling duration between hot mic and
receiving calls expires, if Emergency Cycle
Mode is enabled.
The hot mic duration expires, if Emergency
Cycle Mode is disabled.
3Press the Emergency Off button to exit the
Emergency mode.
The radio returns to the Home screen.
Reinitiating Emergency Mode
This feature is only applicable to the radio sending
the Emergency Alarm. Follow the procedure to
reinitiate Emergency mode on your radio.
Do one of the following:
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