The Emergency tone sounds.
The green LED blinks.
The display shows Alarm Sent.
Your radio enters the Emergency call mode
when the display shows Emergency and the
destination group alias.
3Press the PTT button to make the call.
The green LED lights up. The display shows the
Group Call icon.
4Do one of the following:
Wait for the Talk Permit Tone to end and speak
clearly into the microphone if enabled.
Wait for the PTT Sidetone to end and speak
clearly into the microphone if enabled.
5Release the PTT button to listen.
The display shows the caller and group aliases.
6 If the Channel Free Indication feature is
enabled, you hear a short alert tone the moment
the transmitting radio releases the PTT button,
indicating the channel is free for you to respond.
Press the PTT button to respond to the call.
7Press the Emergency Off button to exit the
Emergency mode.
The radio returns to the Home screen.
Sending Emergency Alarms with Voice to Follow
This feature allows you to send an Emergency Alarm
with Voice to Follow to a group of radios. Your radio
microphone is automatically activated, allowing you to
communicate with the group of radios without
pressing the PTT button. This activated microphone
state is also known as hot mic.
Your radio cannot detect a non-IMPRES
microphone that is attached to the rear
accessory connector.
When no microphone is detected at the
specified programmed connector, your radio
checks the alternative connector. Here, your
radio gives priority to the detected
If your radio has Emergency Cycle Mode enabled,
repetitions of hot mic and receiving period are made
for a programmed duration. During Emergency Cycle
Mode, received calls sound through the speaker.
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