Receiving Emergency Alarms
Follow the procedure to receive Emergency Alarms
on your radio.
When you receive an Emergency Alarm:
A tone sounds.
The red LED blinks.
The display shows the Emergency icon, and the
Emergency caller alias or if there is more than one
alarm, all emergency caller aliases are displayed
in an Alarm List.
1Do one of the following:
If only one alarm, press to view more
If more than one alarm, press or to
the required alias, and press to view
more details.
2Press to view the action options.
3Press and select Yes to exit the Alarm list.
4Press to access the menu.
5Select Alarm List to revisit the Alarm list.
6The tone sounds and the LED blinks red until you
exit the Emergency mode. However, the tone can
be silenced. Do one of the following:
Press the PTT button to call the group of radios
which received the Emergency Alarm.
Press any programmable button.
Exit Emergency mode. See Exiting Emergency
Mode After Receiving the Emergency Alarm on
page 319.
Responding to Emergency Alarms
Follow the procedure to respond to Emergency
Alarms on your radio.
1Make sure the display shows the Alarm List. Press
or to the required alias or ID.
2 If the Channel Free Indication feature is
enabled, you hear a short alert tone the moment
the transmitting radio releases the PTT button,
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