2Release the PTT button to listen.
The radio returns to scanning other channels or
groups if you do not respond within the hang time.
Deleting Nuisance Channels
If a channel continually generates unwanted calls or
noise, termed as Nuisance Channel, you can
temporarily remove the unwanted channel from the
scan list. This capability does not apply to the channel
designated as the Selected Channel. Follow the
procedure to delete nuisance channels on your radio.
1When your radio locks on to an unwanted or
nuisance channel, press the programmed
Nuisance Channel Delete button until you hear a
A nuisance channel can only be deleted by using
the programmed Nuisance Channel Delete
button. This feature is not accessible through the
2Release the Nuisance Channel Delete button.
The nuisance channel is deleted.
Restoring Nuisance Channels
Follow the procedure to restore nuisance channels on
your radio.
Do one of the following:
Turn the radio off and then power it on again.
Stop and restart a scan via the programmed
Scan button or menu.
Change the channel using the Channel Up/
Down button.
Vote Scan
Vote Scan provides you with wide area coverage in
areas where there are multiple base stations
transmitting identical information on different analog
Your radio scans analog channels of multiple base
stations and performs a voting process to select the
strongest received signal. Once that is established,
your radio unmutes to transmissions from that base
During a vote scan, the yellow LED blinks and the
display shows the Vote Scan icon.
Follow the same procedures as Responding to
Transmissions During Scanning on page 302 to
respond to a transmission during a vote scan.
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