5Press or to the required alias or ID.
Press to select.
6Press or to the required priority level.
Press to select.
The display shows a positive mini notice and then,
Add Another?.
7Do one of the following:
Press or to Yes to add another
entry. Press to select. Repeat Step 5 and
Step 6.
Press or to No to save the current
list. Press to select.
Adding New Entries to the Scan List by Using the
Alias Search
Follow the procedure to add new entries to the Scan
list on your radio by using the alias search.
1Press to access the menu.
2Press or to Scan. Press to
3Press or to Scan List. Press to
4Press or to Add Member. Press
to select.
5Enter the first character of the required alias.
The display shows a blinking cursor.
6Enter the rest of the characters of the required
The alias search is case-insensitive. If there are
two or more entries with the same name, the
display shows the entry listed first in the list.
The first text line shows the characters you
entered. The following text lines show the
shortlisted search results.
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