2Release the PTT button to listen.
3Press to end the call.
The display shows Ending Phone Call.
If the call ends successfully:
A tone sounds.
The display shows Call Ended.
If the call fails to end, the radio returns to the
Phone Call screen. Repeat this step or wait for the
telephone user to end the call.
Stopping Radio Calls
This feature allows you to stop an ongoing Group or
Private Call to free the channel for transmission. For
example, when a radio experiences a “stuck
microphone” condition where the PTT button is
inadvertently pressed by the user. Your radio must be
programmed to allow you to use this feature. Follow
the procedure to stop calls on your radio.
1Press the programmed Transmit Interrupt
Remote Dekey button.
The display shows Remote Dekey.
2Wait for acknowledgment.
If successful:
A positive indicator tone sounds.
The display shows Remote Dekey Success.
If unsuccessful:
A negative indicator tone sounds.
The display shows Remote Dekey Failed.
Check with your dealer or system
administrator for more information.
This feature allows you to continue communication
when your repeater is not operating, or when your
radio is out of range from the repeater but within
talking range of other radios.
The talkaround setting is retained even after powering
This feature is not applicable in Capacity
Plus--Single-Site, Capacity Plus--Multi-Site,
and Citizens Band channels that are in the
same frequency.
Other Systems
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