During the call, when you press One Touch
Access button with the deaccess code
preconfigured or enter the deaccess code as
the input for extra digits, your radio attempts to
end the call.
During channel access and access/ deaccess
code or extra digits transmission, you radio
responds to On/Off button, Volume Knob,
and Channel Rocker only. A tone sounds for
every invalid input.
Making Phone Calls by Using the Manual Dial
Follow the procedure to make Phone Calls on your
radio by using the manual dial.
1Press to access the menu.
2Press or to Contacts. Press to
3Press or to Manual Dial. Press
to select.
4Press or to Phone Number. Press
to select.
The display shows Number: and a blinking cursor.
5Enter the telephone number, and press to
The display shows Access Code: and a blinking
cursor if the access code was not preconfigured.
6Enter the access code, and press to
The access or deaccess code cannot be more
than 10 characters.
7The green LED lights up. The display shows the
Phone Call icon at the top right corner. The first
text line shows the subscriber alias. The second
text line shows the call status.
If the call is successful:
The DTMF Tone sounds.
You hear the dialing tone of the telephone
The first text line shows the subscriber alias.
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