access code is not preconfigured in the Contact
List, the display shows Access Code:.
2Enter the access code, and press to
The access or deaccess code cannot be more
than 10 characters.
3Press the PTT button to respond to the call.
4Release the PTT button to listen.
5Enter extra digits with the keypad if requested by
the call, and press to proceed.
If the call ends while you are entering the extra
digits requested by the call, your radio returns to
the screen you were on before initiating the call.
The DTMF Tone sounds. Your radio returns to the
previous screen.
6Press to end the call.
7Do one of the following:
If the deaccess code was not preconfigured,
enter the deaccess code when the display
shows De-Access Code:, and press to
The radio returns to the previous screen.
Press the programmed One Touch Access
If the entry for the One Touch Access button
is empty, a negative indicator tone sounds.
The DTMF Tone sounds and the display shows
Ending Phone Call.
If the call ends successfully:
A tone sounds.
The display shows Call Ended.
If the call fails to end, the radio returns to the
Phone Call screen. Repeat the last two steps or
wait for the telephone user to end the call.
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