call immediately. Only one of these types can be
programmed to your radio by your dealer.
Making Private Calls
Your radio must be programmed for you to initiate a
Private Call. You hear a negative indicator tone when
you initiate the call when this feature is not enabled.
There are two types of Private Calls. The first type,
where a radio presence check is performed before
setting up the call, while the other sets up the call
Only one of these call types can be programmed to
your radio by your dealer.
A negative indicator tone sounds when you make a
Private Call via the Menu, One Touch Access
button, the programmed number keys, or the Volume/
Channel Selector Knob, when this feature is not
Use the Text Message or Call Alert features to
contact an individual radio. For more information, see
Text Messaging Features on page 324 or Call Alert
Operation on page 315.
1Do one of the following:
Select a channel with the active subscriber
alias or ID.
Press the programmed One Touch Access
2Press the PTT button to make the call.
The green LED lights up. The display shows the
Private Call icon, the subscriber alias, and call
3Wait for the Talk Permit Tone to end and speak
clearly into the microphone if enabled.
4Release the PTT button to listen.
The green LED blinks when the target radio
5 If the Channel Free Indication feature is
enabled, you hear a short alert tone the moment
the transmitting radio releases the PTT button,
indicating the channel is free for you to respond.
Press the PTT button to respond to the call.
The call ends when there is no voice activity for a
predetermined period. A tone sounds. The display
shows Call Ended.
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