The LED lights up solid green while the radio
is transmitting and double blinks green when
the radio is receiving a privacy-enabled call.
To unscramble a privacy-enabled call, your
radio must have the same Privacy Key, OR
the same Key Value and Key ID (programmed
by your dealer), as the transmitting radio (the
radio you are receiving the call from).
See Privacy on page 347 for more
Group Calls
Your radio must be configured as part of a group to
receive a call from or make a call to the group of
Making Group Calls
Follow the procedure to make Group Calls on your
1Do one of the following:
Select a channel with the active group alias or
Press the programmed One Touch Access
2Press the PTT button to make the call.
The green LED lights up. The first text line shows
the Group Call icon and alias.
3Release the PTT button to listen.
The green LED lights up when the target radio
responds. The display shows the Group Call icon,
and alias or ID, and the transmitting radio alias or
4 If the Channel Free Indication feature is
enabled, you hear a short alert tone the moment
the transmitting radio releases the PTT button,
indicating the channel is free for you to respond.
Press the PTT button to respond to the call.
The call ends when there is no voice activity for a
predetermined period. The radio returns to the
screen you were on prior to initiating the call.
Making Group Calls by Using the Contacts List
Follow the procedure to make Group Calls on your
radio by using the Contacts list.
1Press to access the menu.
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