You cannot manually add or delete an entry to
the roam list. Check with your dealer or
system administrator for more information.
Similar to Capacity Plus--Single Site, icons of features
not applicable to Capacity Plus--Multi-Site are not
available in the menu. You hear a negative indicator
tone if you try to access a feature not applicable to
Capacity Plus--Multi-Site via a programmable button
Zone and Channel Selections
This chapter explains the operations to select a zone
or channel on your radio.
A zone is a group of channels. Your radio supports up
to 99 channels and 2 zones, with a maximum of 99
channels per zone.
Transmissions are sent and received on a channel.
Each channel may have been programmed differently
to support different groups of users or supplied with
different features.
Selecting Zones
Follow the procedure to select the required zone on
your radio.
1Do one of the following:
Press the programmed Zone Selection button.
Proceed to Step 3.
Press to access the menu.
2Press or to Zone. Press to
The display shows and the current zone.
3Press or to the required zone. Press
to select.
The display shows <Zone> Selected
momentarily and returns to the selected zone
Other Systems
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