Audio Tones
Audio tones provide you with audible indications of
the status, or response to data received on the radio.
Continuous Tone
A monotone sound. Sounds
continuously until termination.
Periodic Tone
Sounds periodically depending
on the duration set by the radio.
Tone starts, stops, and repeats
Repetitive Tone
A single tone that repeats itself
until it is terminated by the user.
Momentary Tone
Sounds only once for a duration
set by the radio.
Conventional Analog and Digital Modes
Each channel in your radio can be configured as a
conventional analog or conventional digital channel.
Use the Channel Rocker to switch between an
analog or a digital channel.
Certain features are unavailable when switching from
digital to analog mode. The icons for digital features
reflect this change by appearing “grayed out”. The
disabled features are hidden in the menu.
Your radio also has features available in both analog
and digital modes. The minor differences in the way
each feature works do not affect the performance of
your radio.
Your radio also switches between digital and
analog modes during a dual mode scan. See
Scan on page 301 for more information.
Icon Information
Throughout this publication, the icons described are
used tow indicate features supported in either the
conventional analog or conventional digital mode, or
made available with a keypad-enabled microphone.
Indicates a conventional Analog Mode-
Only feature.
Indicates a conventional Digital Mode-
Only feature.
Other Systems
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