Channel Up/
Depending on the programming,
changes channel to previous or
next channel.
Display Mode Toggles the day/night display
mode on or off.
Power Level Toggles transmit power level
between high and low.
Squelch Toggles squelch level between
tight and normal.
Accessing Programmed Functions
Follow the procedure to access programmed
functions in your radio.
1Do one of the following:
Short or long press the programmed button.
Proceed to Step 3.
Press to access the menu.
2Press or to the menu function, and
press to select a function or enter a sub-
3Do one of the following:
Press to return to the previous screen.
Long press to return to the Home screen.
Your radio automatically exits the menu after a
period of inactivity and returns to the Home
The Menu Navigation Buttons are also available
on a keypad microphone. See Keypad Microphone
Buttons on page 18.
Status Indicators
This chapter explains the icons, LED indicators, and
audio tones used in the radio.
The Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) of your radio shows
the radio status, text entries, and menu entries. The
following are the icons that appear on the radio
Display Icons
The following icons appear on the status bar at the
top of the radio display. The icons are arranged left
Other Systems
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